1 Button Is All You Need…

We like this incredible 1 button blue suit! It’s tailored extremely well and matched perfectly with the brown tie and pocket square.

Photo by The Sartorialist (a great fashion blog for men and women…you should consider following).

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Denim and White

Here is an outfit I wore to church today. I had my wife snap a couple of shots before we left.


Oxford Dress Shoe – Cole Haan

White Pants – JCrew

Denim Button Up – Old Navy

Yellow Floral Cotton Square – Brothers and Craft

Newsboy Cap – Penguin


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Floral Cotton Square with an Oxford?

I used to think I could only wear a pocket square when I wore a suit coat; which, if you live in Florida, you know that in the summer season you seldom wear one…resulting in not wearing a pocket square.

Lately, I’ve actually been folding my squares all sorts of ways and wearing them with my oxford button ups.

Below is a shot of me with a green striped J-Crew shirt with a folded floral cotton square (hand-made).

How do you wear pocket squares?

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Cotton Squares

check out some some of these new cotton squares me, zac and ryan made today. we’ll be sporting these tomorrow for church. if you want one, just let us know or order here.

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Summer in Florida

Florida summer wear…

Good accent with the loafers, home made bow tie and cotton square. also enjoyed by our friends at @RugbyRL

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